The most effective way to manage a workplace conflict? A clear plan.

The MIRROR Method - 6 Steps to address workplace dysfunction
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The most effective way to manage a workplace conflict? A clear plan.

There are increasing pressures on workplace leaders to ensure that dysfunctional conflict and inappropriate workplace behaviour is properly and fairly addressed as soon as possible.  Organizations and workplace leaders are being held responsible – by courts, arbitrators and administrative tribunals - for “turning a blind eye” to destructive conflict, discrimination or harassment - or for waiting too long to intervene.Resolving workplace conflict is no easy feat.  The cause of dysfunction and conflict is often not straightforward.  The individuals and teams immersed in the conflict are emotional, fatigued and too distracted to do good work.

Figuring out “who is responsible for what” and deciding how to effectively clean up the resulting “destruction and carnage” is difficult and time-consuming.

The bad news: there is no magic wand to help you do the right thing. 

The good news: Marli Rusen is the next best thing to a magic wand.

Marli is a leading legal expert in effective, practical workplace conflict management.  Through her vast experience working with and resolving workplace dysfunction, Marli has developed a set of tools to assist workplaces build productive and respectful teams. 

These tools range from highly popular, proactive workshops for staff and leaders on their roles and responsibilities in resolving conflict to comprehensive formal interventions to help workplaces accurately diagnose and successfully resolve dysfunction that has occurred.

What do you or your team need right now?

Do you want to learn more about general legal principles regarding harassment, bullying and discrimination?  Click here.

Do you want to build respect and avoid costly dysfunction by increasing awareness and dialogue amongst your team? Click here to learn more about Marli’s MIRROR Method skills-building workshops on Addressing Dysfunctional Workplaces  - and her engaging, educational and entertaining (yes – entertaining!) keynote speeches.


Do you need Immediate, clear and practical support or hands-on assistance regarding a specific concern or complaint?

  • Have you received a specific complaint (verbal or written) about dysfunctional behaviour/conflict in the workplace?  Learn about immediate steps you should take; and the importance of conducting timely, objective and comprehensive workplace investigations.
  • Have you received a formal complaint from a third party administrative tribunal or the Courts?  Need some tips on how to effectively respond to these complaints with due dispatch and diligence?
  • Have you received anonymous complaints about dysfunctional behaviour?  Have you had “off the record” discussions with staff who refuse to come forward but have disclosed incidents to you? Do you sense that “something” is going on but you are not sure what that is or who is responsible for it?  Has there been an unexplained spike in sick leave or turnover rates in a particular department?  Learn the next steps you should take to properly inquire and address this situation, including conflict audits/environmental scans.
  • Has your team been through a formal investigation/process regarding a past conflict and now need to rebuild and repair?  

Click here to learn about Marli’s effective mediations/facilitations, or schedule a by-the-hour consultation to understand what your next steps should be.

Marli is here to help - and will turn chaos into clarity by instigating a clear plan that is both practical and defensible. 

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  • “Wonderful presenter. Totally relevant to my work situation. Also fantastic tips to pass on to students getting ready for workplace. They loved the information I was able to pass along. The information was delivered in a clear, interesting,...
    Vancouver Community College
  • “Marli is a skilled, charismatic presenter with a natural talent of engaging and capturing her audiences’ interest. She has a relaxed instructional approach that uses a combination of direct and indirect elements. She uses appropriate humor to...
    Colleen McFadden
  • “In both the Prince George and Sooke School Districts, I have relied upon Marli’s expertise and intuitive understanding of legal and relational issues to settle difficult and sensitive disputes. Overall, Marli’s business /management acumen is...
    Dan Haley
  • “All staff should receive this training!  Marli Rusen did an outstanding job in presenting this workshop.  Marli was clear, concise, gave good examples. To sit through a virtual 3.5 hour session is difficult and Marli kept me engaged and...
    Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
  • “Testimonials/Comments from Marli Rusen’s May 6, 2016 Employee-Focused Workshop. “Hire her again.” – Ela “Fortunately, I work with a team of people who get along very well and have had no issues with other staff. However, I thought her...
    School District 35


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The MIRROR Method

How To Resolve Workplace Conflict? Learn more about workshops and courses using Marli Rusen's MIRROR Method - 6 steps to building respectful workplaces that are practical & defensible! Click here!