Building Effective Teams – Roles, Responsibilities, Tips and Tools for an Optimal Workplace

One of the most frustrating issues for staff to address is workplace conflict.  No employee enjoys coming to work if they – or those around them - are entrenched in drama and dysfunction.  In fact, the most common complaints about workplace environments stem from unhealthy team dynamics.

One “challenging” coworker, supervisor or customer – who behaves and communicates with little consideration for those around them – creates disruption and disharmony for many others. Day-to-day conflict results in destructive gossip, sick leave, low morale and disengagement amongst those who attempt to cope with the conflict, either as direct participants/recipients or as bystanders who must deal with the fallout (including the continuing pressure to “take sides”).

Recently, WorkSafeBC has recognized the significant destructive effects of dysfunctional behaviour on the psychological health and safety of all workers.  As a result, it has implemented clear directives on how each individual (including complainants, bystanders and leaders) should act in order to build a sustainable culture of mutual respect and in turn, prevent harassment/bullying.

Commonly, ongoing and repetitive conflict continues – not because individuals do not want to act but simply because they do not know what to do.  During this workshop, Marli Rusen will provide practical advice and strategies to employees on steps they can – and should – take to reduce dysfunctional conflict on or affecting their team.  This seminar will provide all employees, including unionized supervisors and union representatives, with key tools to use to assist in resolving workplace issues in an early, fair and constructive manner.

The employee workshop is a half day workshop: this allows for time for questions/answers. If there are no questions, participants will be given a brief “case scenario” to work through.

This course is certified by the Environmental Operators Certification Program

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  • “Ms. Rusen conducted third party investigations for the School District and was also retained to resolve numerous and complex workplace conflict issues. Ms. Rusen quickly gained the respect of both union and managerial personnel which enabled...
    Robert Flood
  • “Marli Rusen provided our management team with an engaging refresher on legislative updates related to employers, and respectful workplace practices for employees. Given our organizational priority to be an employer of choice, the workshop was...
    Chad Rintoul
  • “I was fortunate enough to take Marli's course, "Resolving Conflict: Understanding Our Role in Creating and Maintaining an Inclusive and Respectful Environment". Her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion were obvious from the first few words she...
    Julie Filgate
  • “Over the years, Marli has provided our Facilities group with helpful support and guidance on a number of workplace issues. Marli has delivered practical Respectful Workplace and Performance Management training to our supervisors and managers...
    Pete Sabo
  • “Marli has worked with the CRD at many levels.  She has delivered Respectful Workplace training to all staff (front-line employees and management) for several years.  Marli also has designed and delivered customized training sessions for...
    Sarah Hood


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