We Need to Talk: How to Creatively Communicate through Anything - Course for Employees

Many interpersonal conflicts begin with “one issue on one day” – a conversation that went sideways, a misunderstanding, an unspoken feeling of betrayal, a text or email interpreted as offensive and unacceptable.

This issue often turns into something far more complex, adversarial and emotionally charged, only because we have allowed time to pass and the issue to fester without clearly and directly bringing it to the attention of the other person.

The first step to any constructive conflict management – and a necessary ingredient for a respectful work environment - is to talk to the individual involved.  As many of us know, this doesn’t in any way feel straightforward or easy.  A number of questions arise:

• How do I word my message?
• How do I make sure I come across as respectful?
• What if I become emotional? Tearful? Angry? What if they do?
• What if they blame me? Or others?
• What if they become defensive, shut down, walk away or hang up the phone?
• What if they disagree with me?
• What if we can’t resolve the issue?

During this workshop, Marli Rusen will help answer these questions.  Marli will give you a clear and practical framework to use when having challenging conversations with others.  Marli will outline what it means to be a respectful speaker and listener and how to effectively deal with any issues that might arise “in the moment”. Finally, Marli will give you an opportunity to practice your skills with each other in a safe, open and non-judgmental setting, either through an applied case study, role plays or both.

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  • “I was fortunate enough to take Marli's course, "Resolving Conflict: Understanding Our Role in Creating and Maintaining an Inclusive and Respectful Environment". Her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion were obvious from the first few words she...
    Julie Filgate
  • “Marli has worked with the CRD at many levels.  She has delivered Respectful Workplace training to all staff (front-line employees and management) for several years.  Marli also has designed and delivered customized training sessions for...
    Sarah Hood
  • “I am a civil and criminal litigator who has practiced in British Columbia for many years. I spent the last two days viewing the archived version of the 2015 Employment Law Conference at which Marli gave a presentation on workplace...
  • “Fast paced, relevant information. The use of actual examples to illustrate scenarios and circumstances was very effective. I enjoyed the 'realistic positivity' of the information presented - meaning, it was empowering to know you can do a lot...
    Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
  • “Marli delivered a number of sessions on 'How to Manage Conflict out of the Workplace' to front-line supervisors, managers and the leadership team of BC Corrections. We received positive feedback in response to this training including the...


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