“He’s a Bully - Fire Him!” – The Importance of Objectivity in Assessing Workplace Conflict

A common pitfall in managing workplace conflict is reacting to employee’s claims rather than responding to the overall situation.  In an attempt to address matters quickly, supervisors/managers “act” on the basis of one employee’s perception of...

The ABCs (and Ds and Es) of Effective Performance Management

Browse the aisles of any library or bookstore and you will encounter many leadership/management books containing complex theories and innovative ideas on transformative leadership; the essential characteristics of an effective leader; and so on....

They're Counting the Days before He Leaves on Vacation

Summer vacation is a time when most staff look forward to taking a break from work.  In workplaces infused with conflict, many staff members are equally excited when others take time off, particularly those who cause day-to-day stress and tension in...

Welcome To My New Site

Welcome to my re-vamped website!  We have done an "extreme" make-over and I am very pleased with the results. Thanks so much to Deck Fifty Design and Redbird Communications for their incredible creativity, insights and support. This website is an...


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  • “My school district engaged Ms. Rusen to undertake third party investigations; as well, we used her services to help mediate some delicate staffing issues and to provide staff training. Ms. Rusen's investigative and analytical skills proved...
    Michael Munro
  • “I am one of the staff who had the privilege of being able to speak with Marli as part of her “team review and rebuilding” for our organization. I am writing to say how much I appreciate Marli’s work and professional approach. Her feedback and...
  • “During my time as Vernon Fire Chief, I had the opportunity to work closely with Marli Rusen. The human resource & labour issues we worked on varied from individual performance management to cultural transformation in Union &...
    Jeff Carlisle
  • “We want to extend our sincere thanks to you for participating as a speaker at the Vancouver Human Rights and Accommodation Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel. Your rating as a speaker for the panel “Conducting Harassment...
    Lancaster House
  • “Marli is a skilled, charismatic presenter with a natural talent of engaging and capturing her audiences’ interest. She has a relaxed instructional approach that uses a combination of direct and indirect elements. She uses appropriate humor to...
    Colleen McFadden


How To Avoid These Three Common Myths Regarding Workplace Harassment

No one said being a modern workplace leader would be easy. And from what I’m seeing on the frontlines with my clients, there are three, commonly held...

The MIRROR Method

How To Resolve Workplace Conflict? Learn more about workshops and courses using Marli Rusen's MIRROR Method - 6 steps to building respectful workplaces that are practical & defensible! Click here!