The MIRROR Method Book: How to build productive teams by ending workplace dysfunction

Workplace Dysfunction is Costing You a Fortune!

  • The opinionated and overbearing colleague or leader Marli Rusen The MIRROR Method.Bookwho shuts others down
  • The coworker who freezes others out with her heavy sighs, weighted silence and icy stares
  • The micro-managing, hypervigilant manager who allows no room for feedback, input, creativity or autonomy
  • The moody, unpredictable coworker around whom others walk on eggshells
  • The angry and threatening CEO
  • The gossiping, manipulative, passive-aggressive team member who stirs up the drama and then goes into hiding.

These individuals eat up significant time, energy and profits in workplaces everywhere.  They ruin the health of others – and the overall organization – because no one is stopping them from doing so.

The MIRROR Method provides solutions:

The first half of Marli's new book provides leaders with a better understanding of the term “dysfunction” and what it means to have a “dysfunctional team” or “dysfunctional team member,” based on modern-day expectations surrounding appropriate workplace behavior – professionally, legally and practically.  This is critical because leaders need to know “what” to address before addressing it.

The second half of the book provides leaders with tools on "how" to address workplace dysfunction.  It provides leaders with a straightforward six-step process to apply to any type of reported or apparent workplace dysfunction, stemming from rude/disruptive behavior, interpersonal conflicts, bullying, persistently poor performance, paralyzing perfectionism, caustic cliques/camps, personal, racial or sexual harassment or otherwise.

The MIRROR Method is a practical framework – for leaders everywhere – on how to effectively detect, diagnose and deal with dysfunction in a timely, defensible and lasting manner.

Why Every Leader Needs the MIRROR Method

Recently, a CEO of a technology company said, “I don’t need a book.  I don’t need a method.  I just hire smart and fire fast.”  When leaders rush to judgment and fail to consider the many complexities of workplace dysfunction, they end up paying far more than they would have – in financial, legal, institutional and reputational costs – had they handled the situation fairly in the first instance.

The MIRROR Method allows leaders to keep team members who, while disruptive at one level, add significant contributions at another.

The MIRROR Method empowers leaders to end relationships with those who bring very little value to the organization yet have retained their employment status through control, fear and intimidation.

The MIRROR Method will show all leaders how to act, on a case-by-case and customized basis, to ensure they address unacceptable behavior in a manner that is – and is seen to be – consistently defensible and respectful.

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We are excited to announce that The MIRROR Method now has an accompanying Workbook.

The Workbook gives you helpful guidance and practical hands-on tools to use when applying the MIRROR Method to your day-to-day workplace challenges.

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“With an engaging and entertaining presentation style, Marli’s MIRROR Method offers managers and leaders practical and insightful solutions to addressing even the most challenging dysfunctional workplace behaviors.” 
– Jason Giesbrecht, COO, Golden Life Management


“Marli Rusen is in a category unto herself! She is a credible and captivating facilitator/guest speaker!  Her Mirror Method offers a realistic, step-by-step approach that can be applied across a broad spectrum of leadership/management activities.  I am a huge Marli Rusen fan and have tremendous respect for her work!” 
– Barbara J. (Barb) Severyn, Executive Director, Human Resources, Camosun College


"A well respected, delightful presenter, who is able to discuss challenging issues using clear and understandable language. Marli’s wisdom, varied life experiences and sense of humor are just a few of the strengths she brings to bear, using the principles of The Mirror Method to support and guide leaders with their approach to developing teams. This book is a must for any organization looking to make a difference.
– David Williams, MBA, CHRP, Vice President, Human Resources, Northern Health


"As an employment lawyer who frequently deals with dysfunctional workplaces on behalf of employees, unions and employers, I have always respected Marli Rusen’s insightful and effective work in resolving workplace conflict. At a time when employers face increasing scrutiny for how they address inappropriate conduct, Marli’s proactive approach is a welcome salve for the issues that create the modern toxic workplace. The MIRROR Method is a model for how leaders can do the difficult work of creating kindness in the workplace and ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and respectfully.
– Peter Eastwood, Lawyer, Vancouver BC


“In her book, the Mirror Method, employment lawyer and conflict resolution specialist, Marli Rusen, provides marvellously candid, comprehendible and extremely pragmatic guidance for every level of workplace leadership. Despite the inherently sensitive and challenging nature of the subject-matter addressed by the Mirror Method, the common sense methodology and techniques it provides are truly penetrating and empowering. Having worked in the employment law and labor relations domain for 30 years, I’m confident the Mirror Method will prove invaluable to any organization striving to achieve and maintain a respectful, collaborative and inspired workplace.”
– Steven MacCarthy

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  • “Fast paced, relevant information. The use of actual examples to illustrate scenarios and circumstances was very effective. I enjoyed the 'realistic positivity' of the information presented - meaning, it was empowering to know you can do a lot...
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The MIRROR Method

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