I am one of the staff who had the privilege of being able to speak with Marli as part of her “team review and rebuilding” for our organization. I am writing to say how much I appreciate Marli’s work and professional approach. Her feedback and recommendations changed the culture of our department to what I can hardly recognize.

M. health care professional, BC


Testimonials from the 2016 Employment Law Conference, hosted by Continuing Legal Education of British Columbia, held on May 5-6, 2016.

Marli’s topic: “Leveling the Playing Field or Destroying the Turf? The Significant Role of Legal Counsel in Resolving Workplace Disputes.”

  • This made me reflect on my role as counsel and whether I can play a more proactive role in maintaining employment. 

  • Leveling the playing field- great ideas, excellent speaker, loved that she didn't use power point. 

  • Marli Rusen gave some really practical life advice that can be used in the day-to-day issues I face. 

  • Marli Rusen's presentation was refreshing. Loved it!
  • Found topics leveling the playing field …  quite valuable …. provided practical advice on how to achieve employee's best outcome: continuing employment.
  • Marli was very engaging with her passion.
  • Universally excellent, with all being well spoken and easily understood.
  • Very qualified, well spoken. Insightful commentary.
  • Covered very helpful and relevant topics.
  • Excellent (as always). I know how much time it takes to prepare these written materials, and how valuable they are as a resource down the road!
Continuing Legal Education of British Columbia
2016 Employment Law Conference

Testimonials/Comments from Marli Rusen’s May 6, 2016 Employee-Focused Workshop.

“Hire her again.” – Ela

“Fortunately, I work with a team of people who get along very well and have had no issues with other staff. However, I thought her presentation was full of very good advice should a situation ever arise.” – RD

“Loved the summing up (3 little words) "Just be kind". How wonderful a world that would be if we just followed that motto. It takes care of so much! Thanks for the presentation! I thought it was very worthwhile.” – LT

“I found Marli's presentation to be both relevant and thought-provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed the way she managed to convey her message with such animation and excitement, and I hope to have the opportunity to hear her speak again!” – TH

“Immensely engaging presentation; Marli is a captivating speaker! I wish time would have allowed for more in-depth discussion about the practical ways to go about diffusing stressful situations.” – SS

“I enjoyed the presentation. Marli was engaging and humorous. Her information was useful, but not always easy to put into action. I truly liked her 1-3 and 8-10 suggestions. It helps put things in perspective.” – FI

“Very entertaining and lots of information. I liked the way she presented the information and gave examples of the kind of people we have all met and how they affect the work environment. Really liked the handout as well. So clear and simple I've brought it home and shown it to my young kids as an example of how their behaviour (and ours as parents) can affect the whole house.” – MC

“I left the presentation feeling relaxed and optimistic.” – AP

“I think it would be wonderful to have Marli give her talk to individual schools in the district.” – DC

“Amazing information how humans behave in general and in stressful situations.” – JR

“I really related to the workshop. Already I've changed my practice to ask my team of educational assistants the questions “What's going right?” “What's going wrong?” I was pleased how they identified a problem and offered strategies to solve it.

“I also appreciated the discussion about one of the most harmful things we can do is not talk to someone during a time of conflict. Further, realizing the difference between someone who is having a bad day/a bad life and that we all experience the BLIP.”

“I appreciated the diagram of the dot to the train wreck (dealing with issues when they are small and manageable before they become too large to manage).”

“It was an excellent workshop. I'm so glad I went.” – MU

“I really appreciated the focus on how MY attitude and behaviour impacts contentious situations. Marli used the comment “We are all responsible for the energy we bring into the room.” and I loved that reminder. I thought that the discussion around gossip was also really important. I appreciated that she ended the workshop with two words "Be kind". Words to live by! Thank you.” – JMc

“This was a wonderful workshop that addressed such a simple but difficult aspect of workplace relationships. She made it easy to understand and the tips were so clear and easy to follow. I recommend it to everyone.” – GM 

School District 35
Front-Line Staff

I am a civil and criminal litigator who has practiced in British Columbia for many years.

I spent the last two days viewing the archived version of the 2015 Employment Law Conference at which Marli gave a presentation on workplace investigations.

The details, balance and articulation that Marli brought to her presentation was as good as any I have ever seen in any of the many conferences and seminars I have attended over the years. It was truly exceptional.

I hope Marli does more work of this work. She has a gift.

Senior Legal Counsel, British Columbia

Fast paced, relevant information. The use of actual examples to illustrate scenarios and circumstances was very effective. I enjoyed the 'realistic positivity' of the information presented - meaning, it was empowering to know you can do a lot to improve the workplace and fulfill your supervisory requirements, yet realistic to identify certain limitations as well.

One of the best workshops I've encountered.  She was intelligent articulate, energetic and fun.

Excellent material.  Great presenter. Everyone (leaders and staff) should take this will help everyone working through conflict resolution processes.

Expertise/dynamics of the instructor and course content delivered professionally and with examples.

It was one of the best courses I have taken with the public service in the last 14 years!

One of the best and most knowledgeable facilitator's I have ever experienced.

I came to the course with high expectations and was still so impressed.

Very well presented, entertaining and informative.   This was the BEST workshop I have been to!

I would jump at the chance to attend any other workshops facilitated by Marli.

The information was powerful, concise, relevant and long overdue to be given to us.

Beyond excellent. Marli was awesome, dynamic, knowledgeable, understandable, personable and kept us 100 percent engaged in listening to her.

This workshop needs to be mandatory for all government staff. I've been with MSDSI for 30 years and this is most informative, valuable workshop I've taken.

This was an extremely valuable course. I think it's absolutely critical to engage staff and our leaders in this material. I learned a lot and it was a wonderful idea and the course was very well delivered.

It was a fantastic workshop, should be mandatory for all supervisors and manager.

I enjoyed every minute, Marli is a very engaging facilitator - great sense of humour and connects very well with workshop participants. This should be mandatory training for all Supervisors and managers.

Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
Workshop Participants

All staff should receive this training!  Marli Rusen did an outstanding job in presenting this workshop.  Marli was clear, concise, gave good examples.

To sit through a virtual 3.5 hour session is difficult and Marli kept me engaged and interested the whole time! Would recommend in virtual format again.

Most interesting and best-presented workshop I have ever attended.

Marli is an animated speaker unafraid to broach the difficult topic of challenging behaviours in the workplace - her session was refreshing!

This should be a mandatory course for all staff.

 Presenter's passion, her knowledge and experience, material made sense, it flowed.

She is very personable, articulate and added humour.  My interest was held the entire course, which is great!

I think this should be presented to all staff at the end I felt refreshed exhilarated and validated. This was great people need to hear this! Great job!

It was completely engaging, informative, a new view and concept to take on dysfunctional behaviours and that all behaviour is dysfunctional at times.

Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
Victual Workshop Participants

Wonderful presenter. Totally relevant to my work situation. Also fantastic tips to pass on to students getting ready for workplace. They loved the information I was able to pass along.

The information was delivered in a clear, interesting, and informative way, and was very logical as well!

I enjoyed the real life examples and the fact that others heard it too. This should be mandatory to everyone in the college!

This is helpful information that can be used whether in their work environment or personal life. It was helpful information that one can take with them anywhere in their life.

The information was delivered in a clear, interesting, and informative way and was very logical as well! The entire workshop was important and valued.

Marli has an excellent style and used humor which I liked a lot.

The most helpful aspects of this workshop was the clarity of information the examples. Speaking on a level that I could understand and not technical lawyer jargon.

I liked the concrete examples. She was extremely thorough, dynamic and engaging facilitator. Very memorable. 

Vancouver Community College
Workshop Participants

These workshops are always extremely well received. In all of these situations, the Management team has asked that she return for follow-up presentations.

Marli has the rare ability to provide the solid legal foundation for her instructions with concrete, real life situations to which the audience can all relate. She draws upon her extensive experience conducting workplace environment investigations and her legal expertise. But she captures the audience’s full attention with her delightful sense of humor, quick wit and deep insight. She always has time for questions and take care to respond in a way that is clear and respectful.

E. Anne Laurie
Ministry of Children and Family Development and Labour Relations Specialist, Interior Health Authority.

Marli has a highly engaging facilitator approach with an adult learning focus style that keeps learners or participants connected to her. Marli has further demonstrated her passion for success throughout her engaging style and continues to use her facilitator coaching skills as a way of being throughout her questions and championing.


I would highly recommend Ms. Rusen... I am keenly aware of Marli’s impeccable reputation within NHA, through all her work as well as the feedback I continuously receive from our managers wanting to engage her into doing work in their departments. Her facilitation skills are renowned and her services are being sorted after by those who have both participated in her workshop and also those who have learned of her through word of mouth. Marli’s high level of facilitation and leadership is sprinkled with an attractive personality that illustrates a grand sense of humor, humility, wisdom and rich, varied life experiences. People who encounter Marli often speak about her tenderness, trustworthy nature, easy going manner, and her obvious respect for any and all. Marli’s conduct is beyond reproach in my experience.

Francis N. Garwe
Advisor, Organizational Development & Engagement, Northern Health Authority

Marli is a skilled, charismatic presenter with a natural talent of engaging and capturing her audiences’ interest. She has a relaxed instructional approach that uses a combination of direct and indirect elements. She uses appropriate humor to create a relaxed, interactive learning environment and her use of case studies created opportunities for learner involvement.

Marli was able to manage situations with ease when her content was being challenged by learners and did so without affecting the flow of the workshop. I not only experienced all of these qualities in the event I attended but this was also consistent with other sessions as evidenced through formal workshop evaluations. 

I had a number of staff tell me that they valued and related to the material Marli presented and that they felt better equipped to handle situations in the future. I even had one of our leaders tell me about using the tools immediately after taking the training and felt empowered by taking the steps Marli presented in her training when addressing a situation that arose. When surveyed, over 90% of staff agreed or strongly agreed that the material presented was relevant and that they felt confident applying what they learned in the workplace. 

Colleen McFadden
Sr. Director, Human Resources & Operations, BC Nurses’ Union



MFR Resolutions
Marli Rusen
#301-1321 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC  V8W 0B6


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  • “Marli is a skilled, charismatic presenter with a natural talent of engaging and capturing her audiences’ interest. She has a relaxed instructional approach that uses a combination of direct and indirect elements. She uses appropriate humor to...
    Colleen McFadden
  • “Ms. Rusen conducted third party investigations for the School District and was also retained to resolve numerous and complex workplace conflict issues. Ms. Rusen quickly gained the respect of both union and managerial personnel which enabled...
    Robert Flood
  • “Marli Rusen provided our management team with an engaging refresher on legislative updates related to employers, and respectful workplace practices for employees. Given our organizational priority to be an employer of choice, the workshop was...
    Chad Rintoul


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