I was fortunate enough to take Marli's course, "Resolving Conflict: Understanding Our Role in Creating and Maintaining an Inclusive and Respectful Environment". Her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion were obvious from the first few words she spoke and the course only got better as the day progressed. I feel every supervisor/manager should take this course and come away with the knowledge she imparts. I was aware that as a supervisor I had to be a role model for the staff and stay away from dysfunctional behaviour but I was unaware that when I become aware of a problem, I have a duty to inquire, then a duty to act and then I have a duty to hold those responsible accountable.
If I ever again have the chance to be a part of a course that Marli Rusen is putting on you can be sure I'll be there!

Julie Filgate
Acting Government Agent

The seminar 'How to Performance Manage Conflict Out of the Workplace' was the most powerful seminar that I have  attended. Marli facilitates the information with powerful real life examples, vast experience in the field along with being engaging, witty and empowering.  I would recommend others to attend one of Marli's sessions.

Greg Scott
Branch Manager, Coastal Community Credit Union

Marli delivered a number of sessions on 'How to Manage Conflict out of the Workplace' to front-line supervisors, managers and the leadership team of BC Corrections.

We received positive feedback in response to this training including the following comments/observations:

  • The workshop 'opened the eyes' of many supervisors regarding their role and responsibilities in the workplace when it comes to managing conflict.
  • Many attendees 'wished they would have heard this a long time ago!'
  • Attendees described Marli as a 'very down to earth and engaging speaker'.
  • Participants noted that it was 'really great to get us all on the same page regarding a process for workplace investigations and follow up regarding staff issues'.

Overall, both the supervisors and the managers spoke very highly of the training, felt the material was current and would assist them in their day to day responsibilities.

BC Corrections

Marli has delivered a number of workshops on Performance Management/Workplace Conflict
to our management teams throughout Vancouver Island.

In a formal evaluation of a recent session, 100% of the participants indicated that their performance would improve as a result of this training.  Many of the participants came away with specific, tangible tips on documentation, communication and “early intervention” in relation to employee management. Overall, participants felt it was of significant benefit to get all managers on the “same page” and using the “same language” when it comes to workplace conflict and performance issues. 

We look forward to having Marli return to our organization to deliver additional workshops.

Deborah Edwards
AVP Human Resources, Coastal Community Credit Union

Over the years, Marli has provided our Facilities group with helpful support and guidance on a number of workplace issues. Marli has delivered practical Respectful Workplace and Performance Management training to our supervisors and managers.  In addition, Marli has worked to successfully resolve challenging employee/group conflicts through individual mediations and group facilitations.  Most recently, Marli assisted staff in devising a departmental Code of Conduct that focuses on constructive communication in the workplace.  This Code of Conduct continues to be used, with positive results, by all of our employees.

Pete Sabo
Director, Planning and Operations, School District 68

Marli Rusen provided our management team with an engaging refresher on legislative updates related to employers, and respectful workplace practices for employees. Given our organizational priority to be an employer of choice, the workshop was a valuable professional development undertaking.


Chad Rintoul
Executive Director, Mary Winspear Centre

During my time as Vernon Fire Chief, I had the opportunity to work closely with Marli Rusen. The human resource & labour issues we worked on varied from individual performance management to cultural transformation in Union & Management relationships to employment contracts for paid-on-call ( volunteer) firefighters.

 Marli’s work is nothing short of exceptional. She has very contemporary view of the workplace environment and how to advance organizational change amidst deeply entrenched beliefs, behaviours and mindsets.  Specific examples that resulted in significant changes include a facilitated session with the Union executive regarding interest-based issue resolution, a presentation to City Council regarding alcohol in the workplace, and individual (one-on-one) coaching regarding performance management of difficult employees.

Marli Rusen was a foundational part of creating a more cohesive and healthy workplace which ultimately lead to increased operational effectiveness and overall efficiency.

Jeff Carlisle
Former Fire Chief, City of Vernon

Marli Rusen provided comprehensive and practical training to supervisors and managers on Effectively Managing Workplace Conflict.  Feedback from staff who attended included the following comments:

  • Marli was engaging, had a dynamic style and her "down to earth" presentation and approach made the learning enjoyable and helpful.
  • Past training on this subject wasn’t as thorough and helpful as this.
  • The material provided staff with a great foundation and valuable coaching tips.
  • Truly recommend this training for all managers and supervisors.
Steve DiCastri
Warden, Fraser Regional Correctional Centre

Marli has worked with the CRD at many levels.  She has delivered Respectful Workplace training to all staff (front-line employees and management) for several years.  Marli also has designed and delivered customized training sessions for supervisors and for special CRD campaigns.  Employees appreciate the stories and real-life practicality of Marli’s approach, while respecting the strong foundation that her legal expertise brings to her sessions.

In addition, Marli has been able to assist specific departments when workplace issues have arisen and has provided support with respect for all parties involved, providing a safe environment for conversations and solid advice and guidance to management.

Sarah Hood
Manager, Workforce Development and Strategies, Capital Regional District

In both the Prince George and Sooke School Districts, I have relied upon Marli’s expertise and intuitive understanding of legal and relational issues to settle difficult and sensitive disputes.

Overall, Marli’s business /management acumen is refreshing; she “gets it” and is able to converse at the front line level.  Her advice is practical, relevant, timely and produces long term productive results!

Marli is able to integrate and condense complex legal concepts and decisions into usable “hands-on” processes and procedures.  Both unionized and management staff who have received Marli’s training have said: “We need more of this - she is great. Marli gives us the straight goods and gets straight to the issues”.

Dan Haley
Director of Human Resources, Sooke School District



MFR Resolutions
Marli Rusen
#301-1321 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC  V8W 0B6


  • “All staff should receive this training!  Marli Rusen did an outstanding job in presenting this workshop.  Marli was clear, concise, gave good examples. To sit through a virtual 3.5 hour session is difficult and Marli kept me engaged and...
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  • “Marli has worked with the CRD at many levels.  She has delivered Respectful Workplace training to all staff (front-line employees and management) for several years.  Marli also has designed and delivered customized training sessions for...
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  • “ The seminar 'How to Performance Manage Conflict Out of the Workplace' was the most powerful seminar that I have  attended. Marli facilitates the information with powerful real life examples, vast experience in the field along with being...
    Greg Scott


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