Individualized Consultations: Creating the Road-Map

Marli RusenWorkplace conflict and dysfunctional team dynamics involve humans, not robots. A one-size-fits-all approach often results in misdiagnosis of workplace conflict, dissatisfied staff and resolutions that fail to resolve anything. 

Courts and third party tribunals have criticized management and unions for failing to approach and resolve complex workplace dynamics on an individualized basis.

For these reasons, it is important for the parties to resolve workplace conflict based upon the facts with which they are faced and the unique personalities within the team, not in accordance with a standard one-size-fits-all formula. 

Managers, supervisors and union representatives who actively engage with staff and genuinely work to understand and resolve specific conflicts in creative and progressive ways are true leaders. 

In order to support individuals, unions and management with this process, Marli works directly with parties either in-person or on the phone, to help design individualized "road-maps".  Individualized road-maps often address the following issues:

  • requests and remedies for complex workplace accommodations;
  • joint resolutions related to substance abuse intervention and monitoring;
  • joint management of suspected or disclosed mental health issues; and
  • joint return to work processes.


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  • “Marli Rusen provided comprehensive and practical training to supervisors and managers on Effectively Managing Workplace Conflict.  Feedback from staff who attended included the following comments: Marli was engaging, had a dynamic style and...
    Steve DiCastri
  • “My school district engaged Ms. Rusen to undertake third party investigations; as well, we used her services to help mediate some delicate staffing issues and to provide staff training. Ms. Rusen's investigative and analytical skills proved...
    Michael Munro
  • “I was fortunate enough to take Marli's course, "Resolving Conflict: Understanding Our Role in Creating and Maintaining an Inclusive and Respectful Environment". Her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion were obvious from the first few words she...
    Julie Filgate
  • “Marli has delivered a number of workshops on Performance Management/Workplace Conflict to our management teams throughout Vancouver Island. In a formal evaluation of a recent session, 100% of the participants indicated that their performance...
    Deborah Edwards
  • “We want to extend our sincere thanks to you for participating as a speaker at the Vancouver Human Rights and Accommodation Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel. Your rating as a speaker for the panel “Conducting Harassment...
    Lancaster House


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