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Marli RusenEarly, Informal Conflict Resolution

Any successful conflict management program focuses on early and informal resolution of workplace conflict.

Often such resolution involves facilitating open, direct discussion between those employees who are directly involved in the conflict. Through this discussion, the employees arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution.

With team-based conflict, it is often necessary to assemble the group to have a "safe" discussion with a third party to ensure concerns are aired in a respectful and balanced manner.

To assist with this, Marli can:

  • Act as a third party mediator to support employees in having confidential and respectful discussions and help guide them toward an early, effective and practical resolution; or
  • Coach managers, supervisors and union representatives on how to facilitate this process directly (either as mediators or as "supports" during the mediation).

In circumstances where a team is involved in the dysfunction, Marli can facilitate a meeting to help manage the discussions and assist individuals in the resolution of their ongoing issues.  The "team" may be a group of employees, managers, Board members or union officials.


In circumstances where conflict cannot be resolved informally, formal workplace investigations must be conducted. 

Following such investigations, all employees, including "bystanders", must learn to work together and overcome the rumours, gossip, "camps" and other issues that commonly arise as part of conflict or during the course of the its "resolution", either through a formal investigation or litigation.

Marli offers mediations, facilitations and team building sessions to assist with the resolution of post-investigation issues, including return-to-work plans, restoration of team harmony and development of "conflict prevention" protocols.


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  • “Marli has worked with the CRD at many levels.  She has delivered Respectful Workplace training to all staff (front-line employees and management) for several years.  Marli also has designed and delivered customized training sessions for...
    Sarah Hood
  • “In both the Prince George and Sooke School Districts, I have relied upon Marli’s expertise and intuitive understanding of legal and relational issues to settle difficult and sensitive disputes. Overall, Marli’s business /management acumen is...
    Dan Haley
  • “We have had the pleasure of working with Marli Rusen for many years and have been extremely pleased with the professionalism she brings to her work.  Marli has provided our staff with training on a variety of workplace topics and she is an...
    Lori Rilkoff
  • “All staff should receive this training!  Marli Rusen did an outstanding job in presenting this workshop.  Marli was clear, concise, gave good examples. To sit through a virtual 3.5 hour session is difficult and Marli kept me engaged and...
    Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
  • “Marli Rusen provided our management team with an engaging refresher on legislative updates related to employers, and respectful workplace practices for employees. Given our organizational priority to be an employer of choice, the workshop was...
    Chad Rintoul


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