Workplace Conflict Management Services

Successful management of workplace conflict comes from obtaining expert advice early and seeking ongoing input on how to properly detect, diagnose and resolve workplace conflict.

Managing workplace conflict and addressing inappropriate behaviour are the most challenging tasks faced by supervisors and managers. Interpersonal conflict and unhealthy communication strikes at every level of the organization - from the executive boardroom to the management team to the front-line staff to internal union disputes and complaints against shop stewards.   Even the most experienced and "seasoned" managers and union representatives acknowledge that understanding and dealing with such conflict "head on"is complicated, time-consuming and, at times, quite intimidating.

In order to assist and support individuals through this process, Marli Rusen and her team offers the following services:

Conflict Audits

Marli will attend at the workplace and conduct confidential interviews with employees, union representatives and management regarding their perceptions of the workplace atmosphere and dynamics.  Using her expertise in law and psychology, Marli will obtain accurate, detailed information from participants that will assist in identifying the overall perceptions of the root causes of the workplace conflict.

Following her interviews, Marli will prepare a report outlining the common themes of concern.  She will then make legally defensible and practical recommendations to address the causes of the workplace conflict.

Workplace Conflict Investigations

Marli is commonly called in to conduct third party, objective workplace investigations involving allegations of significant disciplinary, harassment or human rights violations.  As part of this process, Marli interviews the parties and witnesses, obtains and reviews necessary documents and prepares a comprehensive report that outlines her factual findings, legal analysis and conclusions and recommendations for resolution. 

Marli also is available to act as a "background" advisor to answer questions on process and provide any necessary support to the individual who is directly conducting the investigation.  This helps ensure that the investigation meets the legal requirements of procedural fairness and natural justice.

Workplace Conflict Mediations/Facilitations

Workplace mediations of workplace conflict can take place in two different contexts.

First, if the parties elect to resolve their workplace conflict informally, Marli will meet with them to assist in arriving at a confidential resolution that best meets their needs. 

Second, if there has been a formal investigation, Marli can work with the employees or department involved in the conflict - after the investigation - to assist them in moving forward in a constructive manner.  

Mirror Method Training and Education

Marli RusenA fundamental component of any conflict management system is preventing dysfuctional workplace conflict and communication.  In order to facilitate this, Marli offers The MIRROR Method workplace training to all employees - from front-line staff to senior management -  on every aspect of conflict management.

Marli also offers supervisor, management and shop steward training in performance management and progressive discipline to ensure that unacceptable behaviour and communication by employees is addressed early and effectively.  The workshops combine up-to-date information on workplace laws with practical strategies on communication to ensure that challenging workplace conduct is addressed in a respectful and legally defensible manner.

These empowering courses on conflict and performance management teach individuals how to address costly workplace dysfunction properly.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Through one-on-one coaching, Marli works closely with leaders to build their capacity and enhance their skills to ensure they make defensible decisions and implement them in a defensible manner.

Do you have leaders on your team who are consistently struggling with the “people aspects” of their positions?  Do they have issues with how they “message their messages”?  Do they implement the right decisions in the wrong way? Marli’s coaching will support them as well as the teams with whom they work.

Please contact Marli Rusen to discuss your workplace needs and explore the various ways in which she can assist you.

Team Rebuilding

Has Your Team Suffered through Restructuring, Litigation or Workplace Investigations?  Marli is here to help repair and restore team trust and communication. Learn more.


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    Colleen McFadden
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    Greg Scott
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    Francis N. Garwe
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    Michael Munro
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The MIRROR Method

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