Away Again? Fundamental Tips for Respectfully Addressing Employee Absenteeism

One of the most frustrating workplace issues to manage is that of employee absenteeism. 

An employee’s ongoing failure to attend on a regular or consistent basis causes unnecessary disruption and increased delays and costs to the organization (through relief work, overtime, and related costs). 

More fundamentally, it can create morale and productivity issues for those employees who attend at work regularly.  In order to support the “present staff” and maintain a thriving workplace, management has a right, indeed, an obligation to manage unacceptable absenteeism.  However, it is essential that any steps taken to address this issue comply with current expectations set out in both the collective agreement and Human Rights Code. 

During this training session, you will receive the “fundamentals” in attendance management – what are management’s rights to address absenteeism and how can these be implemented most effectively?  

Marli will offer some practical guidance and tips for addressing this issue, including:

  • the distinction between a concern about “legitimacy” and that of “excessiveness”;
  • the distinction between culpable and non-culpable absenteeism; and
  • an overview of practical and reasonable steps that managers can take – from coaching to termination - to address all types of absenteeism. 

Marli welcomes an active audience and looks forward to answering any questions you may have in relation to this challenging topic.

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