From Daily Drama to Destructive Dynamics: Cultivating Respect Through Employee Team Building

While it is fundamental for leaders to “set the tone” when it comes to workplace respect, no team can succeed without the active participation and buy-in from all of its members.

Workplace communication and respect is not simply a leadership responsibility – it is the responsibility and expectation of each person on the team.

Half-Day Workshop:

In this session, Marli will provide staff with an overview of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to respectful communication and conduct.  Marli will then provide staff with practical tips on how to resolve disagreements and disputes in an informal and constructive manner.

Full-Day Workshop:

Marli also provides a full day session on this topic where staff also work together on applied case scenarios to identify examples of disrespect and dysfunction - and suggest ways in which the issues could have been better addressed.

Where teams need to “rebuild” trust and open communication, particularly after traumatic incidents or disruptive processes (arbitrations, investigations, significant lay-offs), Marli is available to work with them to design “principles of engagement” based on the principles they learned in the earlier sessions.

Contact Marli today to discuss what might work best for your team.  Use our contact form, or call us at 1. 877. 590. 8153.


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  • “Marli Rusen provided comprehensive and practical training to supervisors and managers on Effectively Managing Workplace Conflict.  Feedback from staff who attended included the following comments: Marli was engaging, had a dynamic style and...
    Steve DiCastri
  • “Marli has a highly engaging facilitator approach with an adult learning focus style that keeps learners or participants connected to her. Marli has further demonstrated her passion for success throughout her engaging style and continues to...
    Francis N. Garwe
  • “In both the Prince George and Sooke School Districts, I have relied upon Marli’s expertise and intuitive understanding of legal and relational issues to settle difficult and sensitive disputes. Overall, Marli’s business /management acumen is...
    Dan Haley
  • “We want to extend our sincere thanks to you for participating as a speaker at the Vancouver Human Rights and Accommodation Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel. Your rating as a speaker for the panel “Conducting Harassment...
    Lancaster House
  • “Over the years, Marli has provided our Facilities group with helpful support and guidance on a number of workplace issues. Marli has delivered practical Respectful Workplace and Performance Management training to our supervisors and managers...
    Pete Sabo


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The MIRROR Method

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