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Marli Rusen Keynote SpeakerAre you looking for a charismatic keynote speaker or facilitator for your upcoming workplace retreat, industry conference or professional event? Marli is regularly invited to speak to audiences on how to build respectful, productive workplaces. Call Marli today to canvass how she can help you elevate your next event from average to amazing!

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Walking the Talk of Respect:  The Critical Role of Leaders in Building Productive Teams
Too many theories on “successful leadership” offer very few tangible tools or takeaways.  Leaders don’t need to be told they have issues or dynamics to address – they already know that.  What they need is hands-on guidance and support for resolving these issues.  This is where Marli – and her evidence-based Mirror Method – come in handy.  Marli has transformed her 20+ years as a management labour and employment lawyer into practical tools, insights and advice for all workplace leaders – from supervisors to CEOs – on practical steps they should take in the face of costly, distracting drama and dysfunction.
“Say WHAT?”  The importance of day-to-day communication in the success of your team.
For over 20 years, Marli Rusen has worked closely with teams in workplaces, formerly as a labour and employment lawyer and now as an expert in diagnosing and treating costly drama and dysfunction.  Through her vast experience in listening to and learning from leaders and employees, Marli has developed practical tools on the critical “HOWs” of effective communication: that is how information is communicated and how it is then interpreted, received and reframed.  Marli will provide practical tips and tools on how to engage in respectful communication – whether you are the speaker or listener – to help resolve specific workplace conflicts or simply build long-term trust and transparency amongst your team.
Changing our Attitudes About Change: It’s All About the How
Ask any middle manager or front line staff member what exhausts them most about the modern workplace and they will say “constant change”.  Ask senior leaders what frustrates them most and they will say “resistance to change”.  Everyone has something to say about workplace change.  We know that the amount of change isn’t going to change – but that doesn’t mean it needs to be painful.  Marli has transformed her years as a workplace mediator, consultant and team facilitator into practical tools to apply in the face of workplace change.  Marli offers specific suggestions for workplace leaders who initiate change; middle managers who implement change; and front-line staff who must live with the change.  Marli is convinced that people aren’t resistant to change – they are resistant to the way in which change has been implemented.  Marli’s tools will be invaluable to changing your approach to change.
A Bad Day does not a Bully Make: Understanding the Difference between Disagreements and Harassment
The term “workplace bully” is widely misapplied and misunderstood.  Every disagreement and dispute is now labelled bullying, often mistakenly and sometimes strategically.  Marli Rusen has over 20 years as a labour and employment lawyer and has trained hundreds of leaders and teams on respectful communication, conflict resolution and effective team building.  Through her work, Marli provides teams with key and critical distinctions between conflict and harassment, disagreements and dysfunction, “feeling” offended versus being treated offensively.  Marli also offers critical tips to teams on early and direct communication, why and how to address issues as soon as they arise and the overall importance of self-reflection, compassion and forgiveness in building truly respectful workplaces.
Walking on Eggshells by Day and Surfing Workopolis by Night: the Cost of Mismanaged Workplace Drama and Dysfunction
Most people leave their positions – not because of their work but often because of those with whom they work.  Through her 20+ years as a workplace lawyer, mediator and arbitrator, Marli has discovered that five “personalities” are commonly at the root of most workplace drama and dysfunction: Aggressive Andy, Moody Martha, Perfectionist Pat, Terri the Triangulator and Negative Nel.  Marli will outline the costs and risks of allowing these “personalities” to take over team dynamics and recommend strategies to others on how to stop being emotionally captive to these individuals and start holding them accountable for their disruptive dynamics.
Respectful Accountability: the Foundation to Successful Team Members and Productive Teams
Historically, “old school” leaders focused on accountability, often at the expense of building respectful relationships.  Nowadays, many leaders focus on respect and positivity, often at the expense of accountability.  Neither works in isolation.  Teams and organizations that strive to be productive, profitable and sustainable must embrace both respect and accountability.  Yes, it can be done – and Marli will show you how.  Marli has transformed her 20+ years of experience as a workplace lawyer, mediator and consultant into practical leadership tips and tricks that will help you significantly exceed your bottom line while keeping your teams empowered and engaged.

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  • “Marli has delivered a number of workshops on Performance Management/Workplace Conflict to our management teams throughout Vancouver Island. In a formal evaluation of a recent session, 100% of the participants indicated that their performance...
    Deborah Edwards
  • “During my time as Vernon Fire Chief, I had the opportunity to work closely with Marli Rusen. The human resource & labour issues we worked on varied from individual performance management to cultural transformation in Union &...
    Jeff Carlisle
  • “In both the Prince George and Sooke School Districts, I have relied upon Marli’s expertise and intuitive understanding of legal and relational issues to settle difficult and sensitive disputes. Overall, Marli’s business /management acumen is...
    Dan Haley
  • “Marli has a highly engaging facilitator approach with an adult learning focus style that keeps learners or participants connected to her. Marli has further demonstrated her passion for success throughout her engaging style and continues to...
    Francis N. Garwe
  • “Ms. Rusen conducted third party investigations for the School District and was also retained to resolve numerous and complex workplace conflict issues. Ms. Rusen quickly gained the respect of both union and managerial personnel which enabled...
    Robert Flood


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The MIRROR Method

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