Now What? Building a Culture of Respect in the Wake of “Hollywood Harassment”

In recent months, there has been extensive coverage on multiple complaints of harassment lodged against senior and powerful leaders, journalists and individuals in the entertainment industry.

As a result of this increased awareness, many boards, executive teams, workplace leaders and human resource professionals have and are faced with many questions regarding their workplace environments. 

In this half-day workshop, Marli Rusen will come to your workplace to answer questions and address key issues regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

Topics will include the following:

• Understanding the responsibilities of executive teams, senior leaders and human resource professionals in building and maintaining harassment-free workplaces

• Texting and beyond: Understanding the range of behaviours that constitute sexual harassment

• The “reasonable person” test: learning about the objective test of harassment in multi-generational and multicultural workplaces

• Conflicts of interest: why personal friendships and romantic relationships, even where consensual, place organizations at risk

• How to properly respond to historical allegations of sexual harassment

• How to properly respond to anonymous allegations of sexual harassment

• Understanding the critical elements of a fair investigation into complaints of sexual harassment

• Understanding the rights and responsibilities of the accuser and accused during investigations

• How to remedy findings of sexual harassment in a measured and defensible manner

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  • “Fast paced, relevant information. The use of actual examples to illustrate scenarios and circumstances was very effective. I enjoyed the 'realistic positivity' of the information presented - meaning, it was empowering to know you can do a lot...
    Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
  • “My school district engaged Ms. Rusen to undertake third party investigations; as well, we used her services to help mediate some delicate staffing issues and to provide staff training. Ms. Rusen's investigative and analytical skills proved...
    Michael Munro
  • “Marli has a highly engaging facilitator approach with an adult learning focus style that keeps learners or participants connected to her. Marli has further demonstrated her passion for success throughout her engaging style and continues to...
    Francis N. Garwe
  • “Ms. Rusen conducted third party investigations for the School District and was also retained to resolve numerous and complex workplace conflict issues. Ms. Rusen quickly gained the respect of both union and managerial personnel which enabled...
    Robert Flood
  • “Marli has delivered a number of workshops on Performance Management/Workplace Conflict to our management teams throughout Vancouver Island. In a formal evaluation of a recent session, 100% of the participants indicated that their performance...
    Deborah Edwards


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