Now What? Building a Culture of Respect in the Wake of “Hollywood Harassment”

In recent months, there has been extensive coverage on multiple complaints of harassment lodged against senior and powerful leaders, journalists and individuals in the entertainment industry.

As a result of this increased awareness, many boards, executive teams, workplace leaders and human resource professionals have and are faced with many questions regarding their workplace environments. 

In this half-day workshop, Marli Rusen will come to your workplace to answer questions and address key issues regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

Topics will include the following:

• Understanding the responsibilities of executive teams, senior leaders and human resource professionals in building and maintaining harassment-free workplaces

• Texting and beyond: Understanding the range of behaviours that constitute sexual harassment

• The “reasonable person” test: learning about the objective test of harassment in multi-generational and multicultural workplaces

• Conflicts of interest: why personal friendships and romantic relationships, even where consensual, place organizations at risk

• How to properly respond to historical allegations of sexual harassment

• How to properly respond to anonymous allegations of sexual harassment

• Understanding the critical elements of a fair investigation into complaints of sexual harassment

• Understanding the rights and responsibilities of the accuser and accused during investigations

• How to remedy findings of sexual harassment in a measured and defensible manner

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  • “Wonderful presenter. Totally relevant to my work situation. Also fantastic tips to pass on to students getting ready for workplace. They loved the information I was able to pass along. The information was delivered in a clear, interesting,...
    Vancouver Community College
  • “Fast paced, relevant information. The use of actual examples to illustrate scenarios and circumstances was very effective. I enjoyed the 'realistic positivity' of the information presented - meaning, it was empowering to know you can do a lot...
    Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
  • “We want to extend our sincere thanks to you for participating as a speaker at the Vancouver Human Rights and Accommodation Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel. Your rating as a speaker for the panel “Conducting Harassment...
    Lancaster House
  • “ The seminar 'How to Performance Manage Conflict Out of the Workplace' was the most powerful seminar that I have  attended. Marli facilitates the information with powerful real life examples, vast experience in the field along with being...
    Greg Scott
  • “I was fortunate enough to take Marli's course, "Resolving Conflict: Understanding Our Role in Creating and Maintaining an Inclusive and Respectful Environment". Her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion were obvious from the first few words she...
    Julie Filgate


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