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The Fundamentals in Leadership: Training for New Supervisors and Managers

All too often, supervisors and managers are hired into their positions based on their years of experience or expertise in a given field.  Most of the time, however, these individuals have had little or no training in leading teams, managing and implementing changes or holding individuals accountable. 

Despite this lack of training or experience, they are expected to immediately engage in these tasks.

Without training, leaders often “learn” to lead through “trial and error”:  the “errors”, however unintentional, commonly result in significant costs to organizations through:

  • lack of trust in the leader
  • lack of clear roles and responsibilities amongst the team
  • lack of transparency/ineffective communication
  • divisions between staff
  • decreased team morale and low productivity.

This results in increased sick leave, turnover, grievances and complaints. All of this can be avoided by giving leaders the right tools to make the right decisions.

In this one-day workshop, Marli will provide first time leaders (unionized/non-unionized supervisors, managers and otherwise) an overview of the fundamental skills needed to build and maintain productive, engaged and positive teams.

Marli will apply her background in law and leadership to offer a general overview of the following:

  • The 3 C’s associated with strong and persuasive leaders: consistency, consultation and communication.
  • The fundamentals to defensible decision making: documentation, communication, and escalation.
  • Implementing change – first, deciding when it is necessary, and then knowing how to do it properly.

Marli will work with the leaders through “applied scenarios” to show them how to put these principles into practice. This course can also be customized to meet the needs of your particular team or organization.

In addition to this one-day course, Marli offers leaders specific introductory half-day workshops on the following topics:

  • Human Rights in BC – including the duty to accommodate, returns to work and the role of doctors’ notes;
  • Attendance Management – what to ask and what to do in the face of excessive absenteeism;
  • Performance Management – in the “moment” and over time (including the preparation and delivery of probationary assessments and performance appraisals);
  • Personal, Racial and Sexual Harassment – what it is and why it must stop;
  • Building a Respectful Workplace and Responding to One that Isn’t

To learn more about the full or half-day workshops for New Leaders, please fill out our contact form or call us at 1. 877. 590. 8153.


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  • “We want to extend our sincere thanks to you for participating as a speaker at the Vancouver Human Rights and Accommodation Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel. Your rating as a speaker for the panel “Conducting Harassment...
    Lancaster House
  • “Ms. Rusen conducted third party investigations for the School District and was also retained to resolve numerous and complex workplace conflict issues. Ms. Rusen quickly gained the respect of both union and managerial personnel which enabled...
    Robert Flood
  • “During my time as Vernon Fire Chief, I had the opportunity to work closely with Marli Rusen. The human resource & labour issues we worked on varied from individual performance management to cultural transformation in Union &...
    Jeff Carlisle
  • “Marli has worked with the CRD at many levels.  She has delivered Respectful Workplace training to all staff (front-line employees and management) for several years.  Marli also has designed and delivered customized training sessions for...
    Sarah Hood
  • “We have had the pleasure of working with Marli Rusen for many years and have been extremely pleased with the professionalism she brings to her work.  Marli has provided our staff with training on a variety of workplace topics and she is an...
    Lori Rilkoff


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